POLITICAL Devide et Empera ASEAN

POLITICAL Devide et Empera ASEAN
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) or Perhimpunan Nations southeast asia (PERBARA) is a political organization, and geo-economic area that he is Southeast Asia, which was established in Bangkok, 8 August 1967 through bangkok declaration by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and thailand Organization aims to promote economic growth, social progress and development of the member countries and promote peace in the region southeast asia.

Since established, countries that joined ASEAN in the regional organization, a lot of progress in all areas. Making ASEAN as a regional power calculated by other regional organizations.

Cooperation and the progress shown by the State of ASEAN countries, the regional organization is seen and the state will forward the interests of ASEAN countries, both political and economic, particularly Indonesia, which have natural resources abundant ruah. Because when ASEAN later this forward and in line with other regional organizations, the course itself to include access to political and economic interests of these countries will experience difficulties, and can even become a serious contender later.

As a regional organization that has the interests of the State of the sources of potential yanga in the countries - the ASEAN countries, this course will not be left making countries need to go. If countries that are in the ASEAN is made especially indonesia remain only as a cow for their perahan .

Learning from history, that to make the country can be and still be the most powerful weapon that is fragile or Politics known as divide et empera. because if a unity and split the country it is very easy to split the country, a country where religion is part of the force will be weak.

Case Ambalat and sipadan-ligitan and a few small cases such as referee beating, harassment etc involving foreign workers of Indonesia and Malaysia can be an indication that the sheep or compete Politics Politics fragile (devide et empera) occurred in the Asean region. In addition to indonesia and malaysia, Thailand has also been damaged diusik with Politics, the case of coup d'etat and unrest that occurred in the country this white elephant can also be an indication that there was indeed correct scenario Politics Devide et Empera strength of countries in Southeast Asia.

To the New Youth Indonesia hopes to the government and leaders of countries in southeast Asia to be more subtle going on in the region. We do not terprovokasi by actions that could lead to stability terganggunya southeast asia region. Let us sit together as a big family and talked with family and take a prudent attitude. Because the situation as only harm us all.

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