Soal UKG Online Uji Kompetensi Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP, SMA

soal bahasa inggris
Soal UKG Online Uji Kompetensi Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP, SMA - Bagi Bapak/Ibu Guru bidang studi bahasa Inggris SMP dan SMA yang sedang mengikuti sertifikasi guru, dan sedang mencari soal-soal yang diujikan dalam UKG online, blog PIB mencoba membantu Bapak/Ibu guru dengan membagi Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris SMP dan SMA.

Soal ukg bahasa inggris ini kami bagi 2 yakni untuk SMP dan SMA, berikut Soalnya :

Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris SMP

Choose the correct answer
1.    With new technology, cameras can take pictures of underwater valleys ...... color.
a.    within B. for C. in D. by

2.    Physical fitness exercises can cause injuries ...... the participants are not careful.
a.    that B. and C. for D. if

3.    Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ......
a.    occasionally to find B. occasionally found
b.    have occasionally been found D. have occasionally found

4.    He is very proficient ...... English, but very deficient ...... mathematics.
a.    in - in B. in - with C. with - in D. at - for

5.    An actress’s life is in many ways ...... other women.
a.    alike that of B. like that of C. like of that D. alike of that

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Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris SMA

1. I saw the coach on the field after the game, and he seemed ……
A. real angry B. very angrily C. angrily D. angry

2. Doreen was so furious that she almost stopped playing the piano because her teacher insisted that she …… her scales
A. to practice B. practice C. practicing D. practiced

3. Little Mary did not go to the party. I understand that she was unhappy that …..
A. she could not go B. she would not be able to go
C. can’t go D. is not able to go

4. I am still here because I …… my plane to Jakarta.
A. just miss B. just am missing
C. just missed D. almost missed

5. Ms. Conover? She is the person …… to that man in the corner.
A. who is talking B. which is talking C. who talks D. who talked

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Setelah melatih diri mengerjakan soal-soal diatas, maka sebaiknya Bapak/Ibu guru juga melatih diri dengan mengikuti Simulasi Cara menjawab Soal UKG Online.

Demikianlah sedikit informasi dari kami tentang soal ukg, semoga dengan ini, Bapak/ibu guru terbantu. Sekedar informasi tambahan, bagi Bapak/Ibu Guru Matematika SMP, pada tulisan sebelumnya  kami juga menyedikan Soal UKG Matematika SMP. Sekian dan terimakasih.

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