Foreign intervention Hand In Victory SBY

Calculation results quickly Quickcount Pilpres so far indicate that SBY Couples get more votes than 50% and according to the Institute Survey PIlpres 2009 is that this is almost only one lap and the winner is SBY-Boediono.

SBY- Boediono victory this since the beginning has been predicted by some people, including a survey of institutions, even when a seer asked long before this done Pilpres also states that SBY akan win this Pilpres 2009.

SBY-Boediono victory this does not work apart from the successful team-work as well as the Coalition Party supports the SBY-Boediono. With the success of the campaign in SBY ruled for 5 years plus authoritative attitude that always make her show SBY-Boediono make many people believe.

Apart from some of the things above, according to a new youth indonesia victory SBY-Boediono not intervene irrespective of the foreigners, who have interests diindonesia. Indonesia's debt at around 1700 trillion of course will not make a casual hands of the country lend their money to change the leaders of Indonesia, sektar Because indonesia 800 trillion of debt created during the government of SBY-JK.

So if SBY is not selected then again perhaps not a loan will be 800 trillion is and can only hurt / disrupt many other countries as well as the interests of certain parties because of the country as the borrower would surely have a political deal-a deal with the country pemeberi loan. Given the changing habits State government indonesia sisitem change, this course will enable very large losses for foreign countries.

All the more Mega-Pro JK and Wiranto has underlines the economic policy they put a more populist and economic independence. course, this policy will hamper economic interests of foreign countries, the more likely neoliboberal.

So can be SBY-Boediono victory, aided by foreign intervention, see political consultant who is in the SBY FOXINDONESIA There are two foreign experts. SBY-Boediono victory not only victory of SBY-Boediono victory but also foreign countries, but whether kemenagan-SBY Boediono also victory Indonesia? the youth indonesia not necessarily new. Hopefully it kemengan SBY is also kemenagan Indonesia to become a sovereign independent nation that fair and prosperous.

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