Scenario illustration Pilpres cheating

Scenario illustration Pilpres cheating-Many argued that the Pilpres 2009 which was held yesterday, full of deception. For the results based on quickcount by several institutions and realcuont survey of KPU Pilpres who won in 2009 is paired with the ordinal number 2 SBY-Boediono with sound earnings above 50%.

If this continues to hold out until the vote Realcount KPU completed, the pilpres 2009 akan only lasted one lap. This is consistent with the results of the survey conducted by the survey, funded by a political consultant from one of Capres.

Before the implementation Pilpres 2009 holds a lot of parties that Pilpres 2009 is loaded with cheating scenario. Kecuarangan the indications of the views of the issue guidance in the many rounds of officials in the bureaucracy and support one candidate who notabene also incumbent candidates.

According to the New Youth Indonesia cheating yourself on every political moment is especially definitive moment of political Pilpres. Indications Pilpres cheating we can see from the fact that there terlaksananya Pilpres before July 8 (

Pilpres 2009 on the implementation of July 8 we also see a lot of deception-deception that occurred during the ongoing election. There is a voter selected more than once, voters also have some paper clips, and already the sound of paper that was signed by KPPS as well as Plano.

Some forms of cheating over the course of any party concerned, who are parties in this matter would need further investigation. That this is of course very harmful potential losers and winners. Because this is very-very sully democracy that Indonesia is currently developing.

In response to the statement President SBY while answering questions about the indications cheating journalists during a press conference in Bogor, SBY said that cheating Pilpres 2009 could happen but the possibility is very small as monitored by various parties, both domestic and abroad, if cheating is now let us finish the legal channels in accordance with the laws and regulations. Pemuda Indonesia argued that as the new president should not urge akan but ordered the parties to the investigating thoroughly. The existence of foreign observers at the pilpres This also means kecuarangan can not be minimized, because the foreign parties will also have the interest of the candidate who is winning at this Pilpres 2009. (Read: So cheating pilpres 2009 is very smooth and has a systematic and planned approach to the perfect.

According to the Indonesia Youth cheating this new scenario melibatakan many parties have their respective roles, from Start to build up public opinion on the stage in the action. Parties that contribute to the sparing of youth is a new Indonesia, Media Information as propaganda to build public opinion and rationalization, foreign observers as a tool rosionaliasi Transparency, Organizer Pimilihan legitimacy as a tool. Birokarsi official observer and as a means of press, the security as a means of securing cheating, and the parties soalah-independent manner as a means netralisir.

The conduct of each stage scenario has been filled by the parties that play a role, and posts that already exist in each phase of the implementation pilpres both before (propaganda), and during the implementation (of the election organizers, and observer and observer) and after the implementation of / the sound (propaganda, the security, the election organizers).

From the description above, we can pull a conclusion which can hold over the post-post the above, he will be the winner when sipemegang wish to control cheating. So cheating is very difficult to prove unless the people themselves cheating proves that, and in general people do not care and are more likely to nerimo.

Apart pilpres 2009 whether or not this cheating the nation benegara and Indonesia must continue belanjut. Each contrengan scratches in the paper contains all the hope that Indonesia can be developed and more people can experience a better life as a first step toward a new India, just and prosperous Indonesia.

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